Turning founder passion into reality...


60 degrees is the slope of a trendline when a number on the trendline doubles itself, twice...
And we aim to do this to your growth trendline, one degree at a time..


So, you have taken that leap of faith to turn your passionate idea into reality. Congratulations!

The hard work begins now. Developing your product, getting the right people in your team, validating your unit economics, getting your first few clients, managing cashflow, raising money... 

Are you geared for it? 

Allow us to team up with you. We will walk with you, in your shoes for the first 12 - 24 months as your Advisor, Angel, Door Opener. We will be hands on yet, just be that voice in your head. 

What we expect from you:

1. Solve a real problem.

2. Focus on building a cash rich business. (We love to see slides on this)

3. Do not chase valuation rounds. (We hate to see slides wasted on this)

Business Consultant


You have established a great business in your home country and are now looking to expand to Singapore/Asia. 

We are happy to help!

Setting up a business in Singapore is easy and hard at the same time.

We will help you through legal and regulatory compliance with the best possible structure for your company. 

We will use our extensive network in South East Asia to pitch your business.

We will help you source the best talent and build your team. 

In short, we will be the face of your company in this region till you find your feet.



You have been at it for a while but that hockey stick growth seems to elude you. 

We are happy to take a look!

Running a business is never easy. Sometime we are so deep into operational activities, we lose sight of the larger picture. Soon you are stuck in a circles of fire fights and feel choked. 

We come in with no baggage, asses the situation objectively, apply our expertise and experience gained to provide a fresh perspective. We can get you out of this chokehold. 

Financial Analyst

Give us your goals, we will give you a plan. With decades of experience, you can trust us to deliver a measurable, outcome driven, executable plan



Building early stage cash rich business for sustainable growth



 Optimal business structures and simple balance sheet is vital for growth and investor interest



Ensuring adequate and appropriate skills for today and tomorrow



Enabling the Brand to communicate the story behind your aspirations


Our strengths are our 6 T principles. Every engagement that we work on is built around these principles.


The moment we walk into your organisation, we are ONE team with a common objective in sight - turn your aspiration into reality.


We approach any problem with frugality as a core parameter. And frugality is not equal to cheap, it is best value for money.


We assist in sourcing the right talent, as employees or as external consultants to achieve your goals. 


We believe in having a skin in the game approach by building executable strategies and providing execution support, not just reports and documents.


We have built our trust with a large network of decision makers, investors, solution providers, practically anybody who can solve your problem.


We help build traction for your products and services through our extensive network. 


With decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, we are confident of making a difference...


Vijay Maheshwari
Managing Partner

As Fractional CFO Vijay partners with you, your board and management team as a business advisor. Given his diverse international background and experience, Vijay can develop and support execution of a game plan to meet your business's short term and strategic goals in a flexible, fit for purpose and cost-effective manner.


Vijay, a Singapore resident (PR), is a Chartered Accountant (FCA), is an accomplished and experienced Finance professional and CFO with over a 30-years in the region’s leading MNC and Local banks across London, Hong Kong, Singapore, S. Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Myanmar


Gautham Devlekar
Managing Partner

Gautham wears the hat of a COO/CEO/CTO at the board, bringing his diverse experience in various industries across financial services, hospitality and technology companies. Gautham is a problem hacker and constantly challenges the norm to find frugal and effective ways to solve roadblocks. 

Gautham, a Singapore Citizen, is a Certified Advisory Board Chair with over 2 decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience at leading global financial institutions and technology companies across India, Singapore, US and Thailand. On lean days, you will find him on a golf course.


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